Ghidra Boot Camp Training Information

Ghidra is the new reverse engineering tool that was released/open-sourced by the National Security Agency. It has many powerful features that we are going to highlight, demonstrate, and teach future all-star reverse engineers.

The course starts with the basics of analyzing Windows and Linux binaries to become familiar with the Ghidra environment. We take the time to make sure students understand what they are doing, why they are doing it, and teach curated tips and tricks gathered from our experts.

The majority of the course we spend diving into many different binaries to expose as many features of Ghidra as we can fit into our week long class, to include Windows PE files, Linux ELF binaries, Android APKs, and more!

Additionally, we get into one of Ghidra’s most powerful features – scripting. Ghidra has a full Java and Python interface; if you can code it, then you can do it in Ghidra. Scripting can also save hours of valuable reverse engineering time which results in quicker reports on critical binaries.

Make this class the next investment in yourself and add a powerful new tool to your list of skills. You won’t be disappointed!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Advanced understanding of NSA’s open-source reverse engineering tool, Ghidra
  • Ability to quickly assess, understand, and dissect many different binaries using Ghidra
  • Ability to script common or tedious actions within the Ghidra environment while analyzing a binary
  • Useful reverse engineering tips and tricks
  • Hands-on experience analyzing custom-built binaries uniquely seen in this class

Student Requirements:

  • Some exposure to reverse engineering is necessary to take full advantage of this class
  • Programming experience will also be beneficial to take full advantage of the course

Important Course Information:

July 22-26

Focal Point Academy, 6716 Alexander Bell Dr. #100, Columbia, MD 21046

Tuition: $5,000

Payment Methods: Paypal (accepts credit cards or bank transfers), purchase orders, checks

Course Amenities:

We offer many amenities during the course including:

  • Daily breakfast
  • Afternoon snacks
  • All-day beverage service
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • And more!


Instructor Bio:

Austin Norby is a hacker, teacher, and general infosec enthusiast; he hasn’t met a byte he didn’t like… yet. Austin worked for four years as a government employee with the Department of Defense where he specialized in cryptanalytic products, dabbled in data science with the security organization, performed as an exploitation analyst, championed innovative ways to accomplish mission, and reverse engineered embedded devices. 

After his time with the DoD, he joined Blue Star Software where he is the Director of Cyber Initiatives. Austin wears many hats including software engineer, technical presenter, talent acquisition, course creator, and teacher. He also holds industry recognized accreditations such as OSCP, OSWP, and CISSP. 

In his spare time, Austin enjoys honing his infosec skills on CTFs, reading, gaming, and eating incredible food.

Refund Policy:

  • 100% if notified in writing more than or equal to 14 calendar days prior to the event start date.
  • 50% if notified in writing less than 14 calendar days prior to the event start date.

Questions? Please contact us! or 703.865.3006